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Comprehensive evaluation with medication

60-90 Minutes, $200

The comprehensive initial evaluation is the first meeting with your mental health provider, and this is where the therapeutic relationship is forged. We will review your history, from childhood to adulthood, including family history. A complete review of systems is done, looking at lifestyle choices, medical disorders, and environmental or social factors that may be contributing to, or exacerbating your current disorder. There is a discussion of current and past medications, reviewing what has worked in the past, and what has not, and exploring the reasoning. Previous records may be requested and reviewed, including any recent lab results. Any past medication trials are reviewed, and treatment options are explored. A personalized treatment plan is made in collaboration with you (the client) to address your specific concerns and health goals. Case consultation (collaboration with past and current providers, including PCP, therapists, counselors, and referrals as needed).

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Follow Ups / Medication Management

15 - 30 Minutes, $100

During the follow up, we review your response to any medications that may have been ordered or initiated. Your progress is monitored, and goals are redefined or fine-tuned. There is usually a discussion of medication side effects as needed, follow up referrals (like a sleep study) and review of results, medication refills, lab orders/results review, and dosage adjustments as needed. These follow ups vary in frequency, and may initially be weekly or bi-weekly, then as you become more stable, they may be changed to monthly as needed.

Follow Ups With Psychotherapy

45 - 60 Minutes, $150

The follow up with psychotherapy is the same as the follow up for medication management, except that there is more time allotted to discuss any specific concerns you may have. During psychotherapy, we explore the causative or contributing factors of your current disorder, review strategies to implement change, and evaluate the outcomes of the strategies that are implemented.

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Case Consults

Taken on a case by case basis, $50

Includes consultation with other providers, documents or paperwork requests


About Your Appointment

Visits are all telehealth, which uses a secure, HIPAA compliant video conferencing software. You will be sent a link on the day prior to your visit.

Laptop and Phone

Payments & Reimbursement

We apologize, we currently do not accept insurance plans, however, at your request, we will provide you with a super bill that you may submit to your insurance for reimbursement. We accept credit and debit cards, FSA, HSA, and ACH transfers.

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