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Managing Daily Stress

It’s about time… In today’s fast-paced, “connected” world of zoom meetings, traffic jams, COVID, arguments over mask mandates, and vaccine mandates, and toilet paper shortages, it is often difficult to remember to take the time to breathe…

According to a recent article on Forbes, Americans spent over 1,300 hours on average on social media last year…While we’re spending time watching TV, or on the computer, the cell phone or the tablet, we are becoming blind to the dangers of overstimulation, and stress. When our brains are constantly bombarded by miscellaneous, extraneous information, we become mentally, and emotionally drained!!!

Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tik-Tok, Twitter, You-tube, the list goes on…

It’s about time…

Un-plugging from “The Matrix”, and de-stressing from every day pressures, is essential to maintaining our physical health and emotional stability. When was the last time you took a walk down to the lake (not virtually), took the spouse and the kids on a picnic, or walked through the woods without taking and posting a selfie?

Well, its about time. In order to maintain our emotional health, let’s make a concerted effort to put the phones and the tablets down. Turn the TVs and the computers off, for at least an hour each day, and give ourselves time to relax. Grab a bag, stick a blanket in it, a few bottles of water, some fruit, and a couple of sandwiches, then drive to your local park, and have a picnic. Throw a frisbee with the kids and the dogs, and watch an impromptu game of tag-football. Better yet, grab the fishing poles you have in the shed, dust them off, and head on down to the creek with a bucket of worms, and cast a line! Just RELAX!!! Breathe…..


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