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Schevy’s Sugar-Strawberry Surprise

Do you love Halloween, but get tired of all the candy? Try one of my semi-homemade snacks that everyone will simply love!


2 pkgs of any brand of sugar cookie dough (I generally use the Pillsbury brand)

1 (8oz) jar of strawberry preserves (the chunkier, the better)

1 tsp almond essence

1 cup of raw nuts (I typically use macadamia or pecans, but whatever you have handy should work)

Non-stick cooking spray

8 x 10 square non-stick baking pan

1 small container of water (used to dip the back of the spoon to prevent sticking)


Set oven to pre-heat according to sugar cookie package directions.

Spray nonstick pan with non-stick cooking spray.

Chop nuts finely and set aside.

In a large bowl, empty both packages of sugar cookie dough, add the almond essence and mix thoroughly, using a fork or a wooden spoon.

Using a moist spoon, spoon about ½ of the cookie dough into your greased pan. Using the back of the moist spoon (do not let it get too wet), spread the cookie dough so it forms a “lip” at the corners and edges of the pan. Spread the jar of strawberry preserves on top of the spread sugar cookie, then sprinkle on the chopped nuts. Spread the remaining sugar cookie dough over the nuts/strawberry preserves, making sure the “lips” at the edges/corners overlap. Bake according to sugar cookie dough package directions. When it has finished baking, remove carefully from oven, cut into squares, and allow to cool before attempting to remove from pan. Best removed with a warmed metal spatula, and stored in an airtight container (although there may not be many left over to store 😊). Enjoy!!!

You can try multiple variations of this treat: Substitute the strawberry and nuts for blueberries and lemon zest (use lemon essence instead of almond), or use blackberries and pistachios (use vanilla essence).


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